Animalnews Themen Aktuell Workbook 1 Bilingual Workbook:Animalnews
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Themen Aktuell Workbook 1 Bilingual Workbook:Animalnews

Walter Kempowski
Walter Kempowski Published in October 20, 2018, 1:09 pm
 Themen Aktuell Workbook 1 Bilingual Workbook:Animalnews

Themen Aktuell Workbook 1 Bilingual Workbook:Animalnews

Price:£14.91+ Free shipping with Marafon-bk Prime

Gth Reply to on 22 October 2014
This book took quite a while to arrive, but when it did it was in immaculate condition. I am using the coursebook for one of my university modules, so bought this to accompany it, it's good, but everything is explained in German, not ideal for a beginner's book!
Jessica Reply to on 30 May 2015
Great I love this book, the english translations and explanations are amazingly helpful.
John McAllister
John McAllister Reply to on 28 February 2015
New book, as advertised. Quick delivery. Very happy with service.
Emarch Reply to on 1 March 2015
Book is in perfect conditions, really helpful during German classes to practice and improve learning, but it took so much time to arrive that I have now almost 30 pages of exercise to do.
Susan Forrester
Susan Forrester Reply to on 22 February 2017
Great for my level 1 course
Deborah Osborne
Deborah Osborne Reply to on 24 June 2013
This was the book recommended for my German course.
I found this to be the best priced book, of anywhere I'd looked.
No need to panic about it arriving on time, as the delivery was very prompt.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 November 2015
Yu-Ting Hsu
Yu-Ting Hsu Reply to on 10 November 2014
nnasir Reply to on 24 October 2010
prompt delivery excellent book condition.
in terms of book, it is vey good and worth my money spend.. it is really useful for beginners and what make me so happy because it is in english!
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