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Raging Bull (Wide Screen) [DVD] [1981]:Animalnews

Raging Bull
Raging Bull Published in October 20, 2018, 1:28 pm
 Raging Bull (Wide Screen) [DVD] [1981]:Animalnews

Raging Bull (Wide Screen) [DVD] [1981]:Animalnews

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robert Reply to on 7 February 2016
First of all I think that Martin Scorsese is one of the best directors out there, and this movie clearly shows why. The movie looks great in black and white, you would think that it was made in the 1940's, the acting by the main cast, as well as the rest of the cast is great and the story is great. Now I don't know much about the real Jake La Motta or his career, but I would have to say that this movie is really well done. It gives you a realistic account of what being a struggling boxer is like, with all of the weight that you have to gain and lose, all of the stress that is involved in being a boxer and trying to become a champion, and the toll that all of this can have on your mind and body. The only issue that I have with this movie, is that the fights are not that long, all you see on most of the fights is a few shots being thrown and then it is over. Also as much as I think this movie looks great in black and white, I wish that they would have released a colorized version with this blu ray, this is the 21st century after all and I think that it would have made some of the scenes pop a little bit more. All in all I give this movie 8/10.

P.S if you want to see another movie about the life of Jake La Motta, there is another movie called The Bronx Bull, starring William Forsythe.
rwb Reply to on 15 January 2017
This review applies only to DVD (ASIN:B00004CXAC). The image is 1.85 in a 4:3 frame. This means that there are black video lines above and below the picture in the image. The actual movie image is 714 x 408

If the DVD had been 16:9 - 1.85, I would have given the DVD 4 stars.

De Niro's is great as boxing legend Jake (the bull) La Motta. The movie certainly doesn't pull any punches and shows the brutality of the boxing ring.
Thespionic Reply to on 24 March 2015
A lot of people feel this is De Nero’s best film, and though I prefer Taxi Driver, who am I to argue? Most certainly the tale of Jake La Motta, is an action – packed, real life epic. Jake is still going strong at 93!
Raging Bull was not a big box office success; time has been more than kind to the film, now of course it’s regarded as a classic.
De Nero had already won his first Oscar in Godfather 11; this became his second - to date.
The story is very true to LaMotta’s career. He fought Sugar Ray Robinson an incredible six times!
De Nero, with his nose job, actually looks a little like LaMotta. For the latter part of the film, when Jake was fat, De Nero went away for several months of eating, and put on nearly five stones!
Excellent film – I love the De Nero - Joe Pesci combo's – all great films.
And finally, according to his biographies, LaMotta, was, as the film shows, a brute to his women. He’s been married six times and remains a very popular character in America.
Mr. T. J. Taylor
Mr. T. J. Taylor Reply to on 18 July 2017
De Niro is simply awesome in this classic film of the brutality of man.

Scorsese paw prints are all over the film and the cinematography is stunning.

During the boxing matches you feel part of the match, and almost feel the pain of the punches. Outside the matches, you become part of the film and witness the brutality of the man, Jake LaMotta, and perhaps an insight into his mind and the elements that were replicated between the boxing and personal life.
Mr Pye
Mr Pye Reply to on 10 May 2018
A foul mouthed and violent, not just in the ring, biopic. Great acting and direction from De Niro and Scorsese. But this film is a thoroughly nasty evenings viewing. I prefer to spend my time with more engaging company.
Miss Reply to on 9 November 2013
This biography is fantastic. Not only is it artistic, but the direction given was so good you feel like you are in the movie. This movie is so well made and so well acted, I think it should be re-released in the cinemas, just to commemorate Robert Di Niro's awesome acting. The movie did not gross as much money as it should have when it was released at that time. Maybe just bad timing, But the fact that De Niro won a Golden Globe for this, speaks for itself! 10/10.
road rocket
road rocket Reply to on 9 January 2016
This true story is well scripted and magnificently acted by De Niro at his very, very best. Joe Pesci is as good as ever, and I suspect against a weaker player, may even have stolen the film. Powerful and sometimes shocking, this is the US fight game with all of its raw edges on show. The boxing scenes are brutally graphic.
Fabio Reply to on 7 January 2014
A classic. Absolutely. The only, only limit of this movies is that Rocky came first, I know it is a different thing but stll, you think about it in some moments during the movie. Robert De Niro si a giant in this movie, and I am not a Robert De Niro fan. To be seen in the original language of course. It is one of those movies you have to see if you dont want to miss what should not be missed.
wilf Reply to on 20 July 2015
It is just a Masterpiece. The atmosphere, simmering tension and perfection from Martin Scorsese is simply five star. Robert De Niro is in my opinion the best Male actor ever and to gain 60 pounds in weight for Jakes downfall just shows his commitment to his parts.
Thomas Culshaw
Thomas Culshaw Reply to on 18 August 2018
How good is De Niro in this film love it
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