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Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster:Animalnews

Nerf Published in September 24, 2018, 4:09 am
 Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster:Animalnews

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster:Animalnews

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T Phillips
T Phillips Reply to on 7 January 2017
Bought as a Christmas present for my son, and he loves it. We also bought the modulus long range upgrade kit, and the fact that the parts are changeable allows different configurations. My son says the rails are good on it (where you can fit other components such as sights). You do get some jams with the darts at times in this gun, but these are easily cleared via an access hatch above the barrel. The darts come out pretty quick, and in quick succession due to the battery powered air motor, but they are not as fierce as other NERF guns my son has had. He is now looking to get additional upgrade kits for it with his pocket money. The only down side is that the dogs don't like it when it goes off, and they also try to eat the darts!! Whilst guns are seen as not a good thing, boys will always play soldiers or gun games, and if he did not have this he would use a bit of wood or something as a makeshift gun.
Greg Reply to on 5 January 2017
I bought this item from originally from Amazon but had to cancel the order due to the delivery being delayed by a week after the original estimated delivery date. But got one from another retailer.

The gun is really quite good quality and works really well. The darts fly some distance and seems quite accurate. All of the parts slot and click together with a satisfying click and the using it is really quite enjoyable. Shame I had to give it as a present to my Nephew!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 December 2017
Bought this in October for a christmas present opened it today to set up for my son and it doesnt work. followed you tube instructions and the gun doesnt fire. disappointed son on xmas day
Mr Francis Church
Mr Francis Church Reply to on 1 January 2017
First venture into the world of Nerf and what a disappointment. Christmas present for our son and it is rubbish. Projectiles bend and jam the loader. Even new projectiles from another Nerf gun bought to appease him wouldn't work. I would not recommend this to anyone. Others must have been very lucky. Disappointed is an understatement.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 9 August 2017
My son and I are very disappointed with this Blaster due to the fact that it keeps misfiring and when it does fire, the bullets just fall out the end of the blaster. Compared to his other NERF blasters this is the worst one that we have purchased and I now have a very disappointed 9 year old who saved pocket money to purchase this blaster.
BlastBeat90 Reply to on 8 March 2018
Bought for my girlfriend (believe it or not!) after she bought me a Modulus Regulator for Christmas and I have to say I think it’s a superb blaster!! The best thing’s about it in my opinion are that there are tacti-cool rails absolutely everywhere, and feeding magazines into the mag well feels smooth and comfortable, even the off brand mag’s I have.
The stock feels long enough to actually use as a stock even for my adult body, but not too cumbersome that it would feel alienating for a child, plus it has space for an extra magazine in it which your child/loved one will think is great.
One thing to note about the stock however, is that the main part of the stock is connected to the part that attaches to the back of the blaster by two orange coloured plastic rods that depending on the date of manufacture, will almost certainly be quite flexible and will just bend with very little force applied, which for a stock is very bad, and may possibly break with some rough play, though we have never pushed ours too far.

Although a partially subjective point of view as Hasbro have tried to remedy this with thicker and stronger shaped rods in the stocks of ecs-10’s manufactured after a certain date (although it’s still not perfect), and there are plenty of other nerf brand N-strike compatible stocks on the market that do the job very well, but this would be an extra cost of around £5-£25 depending on the stock in question, which I wouldn’t say is a reason not to buy the blaster, it’s just something to think about when making your decision on which one to purchase.

All in all I think this a fantastic product, the only jamming issues we have experienced after 3000+ Darts fired were down to slightly bent or damaged darts and were able to be cleared in seconds due to an access port on the top of the blaster directly above the mag well.

Not gunna lie I will be buying myself one now as well!
MR KM ANDERSON Reply to on 10 August 2017
My Son was really excited by this Nerf Blaster and was so pleased with what come with the box but upon using the Nerf Blaster was so disappointed by the gun which seems to have this habit of Jamming ! Every couple of the pulls of the trigger it just jammed .
Don`t waste your money on this item unless you want a unhappy child
mr j s kerr
mr j s kerr Reply to on 3 February 2016
Although my son likes it , he prefers his jolt better , and the jolt has more power , was disappointed with the power of this , plenty of add ons which kids like , but I wouldn't say it was worth the money . Wont work without batteries and you cant use the sucker darts even the normal ones frequently get jammed in it . Poor design by NERF.
Souly Reply to on 14 March 2018
My lad loves this rifle, He loves to dominate his older brother who has a single shot Nerf Pistol the sounds of evil laughter as he open up with a barrage of darts makes me chuckle every time.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 November 2017
Fuming after playing with this for 5mins it stopped working might as well gone up and put my money down the drain 😡😡😡
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