Animalnews ELITE BAGS FIT´S Isothermal Bag for Diabetics:Animalnews
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ELITE BAGS FIT´S Isothermal Bag for Diabetics:Animalnews

Elite Bags
Elite Bags Published in September 24, 2018, 4:09 am
 ELITE BAGS FIT´S Isothermal Bag for Diabetics:Animalnews

ELITE BAGS FIT´S Isothermal Bag for Diabetics:Animalnews

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Masterpola Prime

Mimi Reply to on 9 January 2013
Great bag, reasonably priced. Looks nice too, doesn't scream 'medi-bag'. Has lots of compartments for all your diabetes gear plus handy clear pockets for displaying I.D/emergency details. Enough storage for your hypo kit and a few snacks too. If I could change one thing, it would be to add a small carrying handle on the top ( for when you remove the shoulder strap). But it really is pretty much perfect!

**UPDATE** One of the zips broke pretty much straight away. Seller kindly sent me another one bag. This second one developed an issue with a zip fairly soon after, but I chose to carry on using it as it wasn't causing too much trouble. Now, nearly a year in, several zips have failed. I've always used it carefully and not overfilled etc. Such a shame as it's by far the best bag I've come across so far. I might have been very unlucky, but for it to happen on 2 bags, with several zips makes me think there might be a problem.
Kimmi Reply to on 24 July 2017
I bought this for my newly diagnosed 13 year old son, looked perfect. Whilst it is very well made, I would have prefered it to be a little more streamlined, my son has to carry two meters. Love the cool pouch big enough for a sharps container the size of Epipen , lilly HD pen and case Glucogon, and two quick pens. Too many other random pouches for my liking hard to fit things in without separating them, which means in the mist of a hypo you may have to rummage around, and if someone else has to look for things way to much fussing remember minutes means minuses. Many of then not really good for much. If they ever want to redesign one for teens, I am sure the many T1 parents would be willing to help them design a winning design I sure would. I do love the fact it looks like most of the bags the non diabetic kids carry. So will make him feel somewhat normal again. So thank you Elite Bags.
ela57 Reply to on 25 April 2018
This bag had lots of little compartments and kept insulin cool
until I got to hotel and could put insulin in fridge.
The little cool blocks need to be put into a freezer to use again.
Not enough room for me to put my finger pricking gadget/blood glucose tester wallet inside,
this meant that I had to store those separately and this defeated the object of keeping everything I
needed together in one place with everything else I needed for a two week holiday.
That said the bag is strong and well made.
Kerry Dewberry
Kerry Dewberry Reply to on 9 September 2017
Not worth the money, the compartments are not big enough. You put the ice pack in and all the space has gone. The pockets are useless. You would be better off with a lunchbox/bag. Do not buy this bag.
Melanie D.
Melanie D. Reply to on 30 December 2016
There is a fuzzy strip with holds the bag closed which was half unstitched and hanging off when the bag arrived. Not sure whether I will send this bag back or try and stitch it.
Chunk Reply to on 17 January 2017
Excellent spacious bag that has a waterproof compartment if you need to travel with spare insulin.
Best little bag I've ever purchased, can store all my testing strips, needles and emergency food kit etc

Excellent for the money.
Womble Reply to on 21 November 2014
This arrived quicker than I expected and far exceeded what I expected. It can accommodate all my diabetic equipment plus more. The bag is extremely well made and very strong for the job. I recommend this to any diabetic who may read this review. Brilliant!
Bilalfaeglasgow Reply to on 31 January 2018
Best insulin or cooling case I have ever used, since it has many different compartments to put my needles, insulin, glucose meter, etc and it is not that bad looking on men.
Kay Craig
Kay Craig Reply to on 9 January 2017
Received this today, love it. I have already got everything in it that I need and there is still room left. Everything in the one place and easily slips into a medium or large handbag. I would highly recommend it.
penny Reply to on 20 January 2016
Best bag i have ever used,keeps every thing together and tidy,lots of space....i have bought many bags and holders for my diabetic stuff and have stopped using them because they have not been how i wanted a bag to be,but this IS!!!...totally recommend....
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