Animalnews All Pond Solutions Nano Fish Tank Aquarium/LED Lights, Small, 7 Litre, Black:Animalnews
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All Pond Solutions Nano Fish Tank Aquarium/LED Lights, Small, 7 Litre, Black:Animalnews

All Pond Solutions
All Pond Solutions Published in September 24, 2018, 4:09 am
 All Pond Solutions Nano Fish Tank Aquarium/LED Lights, Small, 7 Litre, Black:Animalnews

All Pond Solutions Nano Fish Tank Aquarium/LED Lights, Small, 7 Litre, Black:Animalnews

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Graffitilife Prime

Sidney Wright
Sidney Wright Reply to on 12 August 2017
Finally gave in to the mithering and bought this for my lads sixth birthday. I purchased the black, 29L version.

It's cheap and cheerful but quite well built for the price. There's no leakage on the tank I purchased, the lighting is ok and the footprint is small enough that it fits on our hall stand. Very convenient.

There was quite a strong chemical smell from the sealant that took a while to go away and the tank was a bit grubby from production, so required a good clean straight out of the box.

The instructions on the pump, filter and venturi setup are abysmal, and when I say abysmal I really do mean abysmal. I basically had to figure it out blind. What is this, the Krypton Factor?? The manufacturer should be ashamed. Honestly, I could knock up better instructions in half an hour on my laptop. This is basic stuff guys and gals and there's no excuse.

Ive included a few photos of the correct setup in case peeps who are new to all this (Like I was), are having difficulty during assembly.

The tank comes setup for cold water fish but my lad was less than impressed with the colour of the fish on offer (which consisted of varying shades of grey or gold), so we decided to convert it to tropical for an extra tenner.

I threw a few plants, ornaments, 50w heater, thermometer and some gravel in and wallah! Colourful, pretty birthday aquarium.

The water took a week or so to settle and for the filter to build up enough friendly bacteria to the point where we could introduce fish (With a bit of help from a bottle of filter start).

We started with a couple of Harlequins to break the tank in and last week introduced a beautiful, rambunctious, velvety-blue Betta (My sons named him 'Shadow'.... A bit dramatic but hey, he's six and it's his fish. No doubt if we'd bought a dog he'd have named him 'Killer' or 'Fang', ..... but I digress). In another week when the water is a bit pooier (technical term), we intend to add a little shoal of tetra and that'll be all our cm per litre used up.

I know I've had a bit of a moan (God the instructions really are truly awful), but all in all we're quite pleased with this little tank. My son thinks it's the most amazing thing ever and that's what matters the most. For our first aquarium we're very happy and I can highly recommend.

I'd rate this five stars but I'm going to deduct one for the poor instructions.


[Update] Since I first posted this the manufacturers have obviously had a gander because some rather helpful setup diagrams have appeared on the product page. So that's a thank-you to All Pond Solutions for sorting it out.

Orca Reply to on 22 January 2018
I ordered the 14L to home some Bladder Snails who hitch-hiked their way into my parents aquarium via some plants bought. When I saw my parents removing the snails from the tank, I knew it wasn’t going to end well for the little fellas. So I rescued them and contained them in a jam jar. Knowing these snails couldn’t live the remainder of their lives in a jar, and not really being sure what to do with them, I ordered this. No matter how small something is, it still deserves a decent quality of life.

I am glad I opted for the 14L over the 7L. The difference in prices isn’t astronomical and just gave my snails that extra bit of room to crawl around.

I have never set up a fish tank before so all the bits and pieces were new to me. As ignorant as it might seem, I admit I wasn’t confident setting it up un-assisted, however the ‘instructions’ are abysmal/ there are none! Most of it I figured out through common sense, but diagrams/better instructions would be beneficial. Having set everything up, (or so I thought). I then found a clear tube with a black valve/attachment and I had no idea what it was for/where it should go, let alone that the tip is in fact a rotating dial to control the stream of bubbles. Sure it’s easy once you know how, but as a starter tank I would have liked instructions/descriptions of parts so I could learn.

It is a fabulous little tank for my snails and I think comes with a fair price tag considering you get the LED light built in and filter equipment. I sleep with the tank in my bedroom and it's virtually silent.
wonderfulpisces Reply to on 16 December 2016
super tank and at a great price but initial set up instructions need to more comprehensive especially which bit fits where, in what order and which way round, as its really not that obvious !
N P Dixon
N P Dixon Reply to on 4 March 2018
The Good: This tank is fantastic value for money with a good construction, filter, light and pump. You will need to buy a heater though if you intend to keep tropical fish.

The Bad: The pump is great but the instructions are not for the installation of this type of arrangement although after some trying you should be able to work it out. Basically the pump slots by using the two groves it has on top to the plastic square which the pipes for the trickle pipes go through. Not easy to work out but possible. The pump also has a feature to suck in air and create circulation in the tank which is great but I cant see the instructions for this but there is a tube included. Once again possible to work out. However, I wanted to use this as a shrimp tank but the circulation is a bit strong for shrimp.

The Ugly: Keeping my water at 26c I notice that when I opened the lid there was a large amount of condensation which dripped onto the outside of the tank! So its worth leaving the feeding door open to allow some reduction.

A good buy
andy Reply to on 3 April 2017
Very pleased with the deal, great l.e.d lighting. The filter pump humms a little but is bearable.
The biggest problem I've got is the oil that was around the lid area that I've tried to clean off but still stinks and the silicone looks poor it has weird looking spores growing on it.
Overall it's okay for £40 and a proper clean yourself it's a great little tank
Selina Reply to on 8 May 2018
This is a lovely little start up tank.
I bought it for my 10 yr old daughter and it fits nicely on top of her draws.
We've had it a few weeks now with no issue's.
The only downside is the instructions, but it is quite easy to figure out. The clear tube is for air and needs to be above the pump and filter. We fed ours under the filter trap and up to the left hand side corner. There are a couple of cable grips and we used that to hold the end in place, turn the rubber end for more air intake.
Also, the first hole to the left on the filter pipe didn't quite fit in the filter trap section, but I just bunged it with some cut of sponge which worked quite well, otherwise the water noise would've been quite loud.
Overall though we love it and the all the fish are doing well. Don't forget to add TAP SAFE and FILTER BOOST and cycle your tank for at least 3 DAYS before adding fish as we found out. Use water testers too.
robbie3318 Reply to on 19 April 2018
I bought the 7 litre model for keeping shrimp in. Unfortunately the light was flickering due to a faulty switch. Customer service was excellent and sent a new light fixture which I received only 2 days after contacting them. I’ve bought many items directly from Allpond Solutions in the past and I’ve always been happy with their products and customer service. This small tank is generally ok for such a small price. Unfortunately I think it’s totally unsuitable for most fish. The 250lph pump is way too powerful in such a small tank. The entire water content of the tank is filtered about 35 times per hour. This creates a constant strong current that most fish will battle against and eventually become stressed and die. Having said that it’s ideal for shrimp and possibly some bottom dwelling fish like Kuhli loaches providing they have plenty of rocks to hide under. But most mid water fish are likely to be condemned to death in this tank. Generally Filtering the entire contents of the tank 5 times per hour is acceptable, 35 times per hour is suicidal..
jennifer1970 Reply to on 31 October 2017
This is a really nice fish really well once we figured out exactly how to set up the pump (could do with the instructions being a bit clearer). We have 2 goldfish,12 minnows and a couple of Hong Kong Plecs in ours and they're all thriving although i wouldn't recommend any more than this. Boys love it as it was put in there room..
PumpActionPonds Reply to on 31 August 2017
Construction is solid but you can tell the plastic is of the cheap kind.

Everything works perfectly.

The vision is a bit blurry in the corners, you have to be seeing it straight on to get a clear view.

The LED light is perfectly fine and more than adequate in brightnes.

This doesn't come with any biological media, just mechanical filters, so maybe buy some on top to chuck in the filter box.
Brian Reply to on 27 January 2018
This is an awesome tank for the money . It isn`t without faults , but is a fantastic starter tank . The filtration system is confusing to set up ( the instructions are next to useless ... but after a while , you figure them out ) , but it is a very effective system , and gives crystal clear water . I`ve had mine now for over 2 months , and love it . There is 1 warning though . The filter output is very strong , and near the top , so if you are getting this for a betta , you need to "modernise" the filter . I did this , by swapping the plastic tube from the top of the filter system , to the side of the filter ( the part that blasts out the water ) . It was fiddly , but eventually you have a fountain effect rather than a jet stream , and the filter still works superbly . For the money , it is very hard ( if not impossible ) to find a higher quality tank of this size .
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