Animalnews Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel by 5kind Full of Natural Extracts to Help Soothe Muscle Knee Joint Hand Back -Large 300ml Tub:Animalnews
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Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel by 5kind Full of Natural Extracts to Help Soothe Muscle Knee Joint Hand Back -Large 300ml Tub:Animalnews

5kind clinical skincare
5kind clinical skincare Published in September 24, 2018, 4:09 am
 Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel by 5kind Full of Natural Extracts to Help Soothe Muscle Knee Joint Hand Back -Large 300ml Tub:Animalnews

Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel by 5kind Full of Natural Extracts to Help Soothe Muscle Knee Joint Hand Back -Large 300ml Tub:Animalnews

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Booweeble Reply to on 30 April 2018
I am writing this review because I see that nobody who has multiple sclerosis has tried this but I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in April 2007 and the pain which I get in my legs I have learnt to put up with but the last 2 years I have been suffering with severe back pain and have been constantly using my tens machine and so my MS nurse recommended that my GP prescribes me gabapentin and I have also been popping paracetamol and ibuprofen every day to just get by.
My husband found this product and suggested I should give it a try.
The delivery arrived 3 days ago and I have been applying and I feel a pain releif immediately after I've put it on and to my amazement I haven't taken any painkillers since except my drug's for MS and Gabapentin as recommended by the doctor.
I will be buying another tub of this to give to my mother-in-law to see if it helps with her arthritis.
Joyce S.
Joyce S. Reply to on 12 June 2017
twisted my knee spent 5 hours in A&E given painkillers but no good but one application of this Voila!!!!!! no pain. highly recommended
john rose
john rose Reply to on 29 June 2017
Been using for months and must agree with all the other reviewers this does work well, in fact its just has good or even better then some iv'e tried at nearly double the price and a lot smaller in size.I took the advice of kind when i had a bad flare up of arthritis and applied a first coat, waited a few minutes then another and the pain eased considerably.It also works well with strains and other niggling little pains and you get a generous amount of it.Yes recommended will be buying more.
Wairua1983 Reply to on 20 February 2018
Update: Beware of the seller's emails. They offer you a voucher - but then never get back to you about it.

After not having had much success with deep heat rub, I wanted to check whether there'd be an alternative - also one with an ingredient list I can understand and without animal products (which deep heat unfortunately has in it!). I found this one and thought, okay, give it a try. At least it sounded like it would smell nice. I had issues with my left arm for a while, probably due to overuse while working with animals (hauling around bags of feed and big bales of hay and straw). After using this gel for a few days, I notice a difference - or rather I would say that I do not notice my arm that much. That's great. And the products DOES smell amazing. While there are some things in the ingredient list that were unfamiliar to me, it's less chemical than other products and apparently vegan - which is awesome. It's also a decent amount of stuff, and you don't have to use that much. I'm sure this is going to last me a while.
Howie Reply to on 12 June 2017
Have only used this gel for two days but already feel the benefit

Having now used the gel for over a week we are finding it very soothing for our aches and pains
and use it twice a day it is working well
Marie Berry
Marie Berry Reply to on 2 March 2018
Lovely to use as it sinks in without greasy residue . Smell is really comforting nd the lovely warm feeling in the skin is very soothing. Also because of the large amount in the tub you can apply it liberally. Does it work? After a week of trialling I can now confirm that my shoulder and knee are felling relief from longstanding pain. Yes it works and I will buy again. Such a lovely caring company to buy from.
Janet Reply to on 23 July 2017
This product has helped with the problem I have with burning feet at night, It seems to sooth. I hope it continues to help as it contains only natural ingredients and no medication and it is safe to use with blood pressure med.
Miles C
Miles C Reply to on 2 August 2017
This rich gel smells wonderful, is easy to apply and works as an excellent moisturiser. Does it ease pain? I feel better after application, but that may be the effect of the gentle massage. It's cooling, soothing, and the herbs and essential oils promote a good night's sleep ... that makes it worth buying. Give it a go.
Anne Tierney
Anne Tierney Reply to on 23 August 2017
I bought this for my husband who has very severe pain due to arthritis and a double hernia. After using this for a week or so he says this product brings him great relief from pain and would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone.
Bjm Reply to on 3 April 2018
The gel was very soothing, smelt lovely and did help with my aches and pains in my knees and hips. For best results I found that it helped best after a hot bath and just prior to going to bed. Very easy to apply, and even thought the gel is a pinkish colour once applied there was no staining or residue left. I would definitely buy it again.
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