Animalnews 33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (50mm 2 inch):Animalnews
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33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (50mm 2 inch):Animalnews

33Malls Published in September 24, 2018, 4:09 am
 33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (50mm 2 inch):Animalnews

33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (50mm 2 inch):Animalnews

Price:£2.15+ £0.90 shipping

Tom Reply to on 1 January 2015
I purchased these for the replacement of Philips shb4000 Bluetooth headset. I ordered the 65mm option and it fits very well.
It not so clear (at least to me) how to measure. I measured the width of the existing earpiece WITH the sponge NOT the plastic enclosure under the sponge.
The sponge is also firm but soft so it looks like it will wear well. I had no issues fitting it, get the edge into the groove on the headset and like a tyre replacement gently position it all the way around until it edges into place. My only issue was the post was so so slow, it took an extra week to arrive to Ireland, hence the minus 1 on the stars.
J. Hall
J. Hall Reply to on 7 November 2015
I was about to throw out some old but perfectly serviceable Sony clip-on headphones due to the foam covers rotting, when I discovered this item on Amazon.

They were excellent value, arrived quickly and were fitted in no time. They were a little tricky to fit due to being a tight fit but that's probably unavoidable if you want them to stay on.

I am very happy with them and they have restored my headphones to almost new looking.

I bought some 40mm and some 50mm for two different pairs of headphones, so have entered a separate but almost identical review for each size.
Mr. Peter Mitchell
Mr. Peter Mitchell Reply to on 17 February 2014
I measured my headphones at 50mm and ordered 50mm earpads; seems simple but no! the 50mm pads will not stretch to 50mm earphones without splitting. I assume I should have ordered 60 mm pads to fit 50mm earphones!!
paddyboy Reply to on 31 March 2016
These are BRILLIANT. They are very high quality replacemement foam pads. I had previously paid about £10 for a replacement pair spare parts direct from Sennheiser. These are BETTER quality. They fit perfectly (make sure to measure and order the right size). The quality of foam is very high and there is sufficient stretch in the material for them to fit snugly and very comfortably. There is even a spare in the pack in case you rip one stretching it onto the headphone piece. Strongly recommended and a total bargain!
David T Atkinson
David T Atkinson Reply to on 23 June 2017
I have a Plantronics Audio 478USB headset, which I really like, but sadly the ear cushions weren't very sturdy. Contacting Plantronics didn't yield a very helpful response, simply "Unfortunately we are not selling spare ear cushions directly but you can easily find them on Ebay or Amazon". That's all well and good, but I'd like to know which ones are going to fit properly. It turns out that these ones (58mm) are a perfect fit. They're a very snug fit and therefore a tad fiddly to ease on, and maybe this is why they supply two spares, as it's very possible that one might damage them by over stretching them.

These replacements aren't as soft as the originals, which is a shame, but a minor detail. Maybe they'll last longer?
H PARRY Reply to on 19 May 2014
Cheap and good quality. I needed a replacement for my parrot one-ear headset that I use with Dragon voice software and these were a good find.
Tip - do measure the diameter of the existing sponge cover that you own before ordering as these come in several sizes that all look similar.
Judy T
Judy T Reply to on 30 September 2016
Very happy with these, although I was expecting four pairs as per the listing image, when in fact only four pads are included. They seem good quality and robust - had to be stretched quite far to fit over my earphones and didn't seem to weaken or tear. I used the tip of a stitch ripper sewing aid to push the edges of the pads right down into the groove, so I'm confident the pads will stay on securely now. Very pleased to find that the pads were replaceable, as I initially started looking for new earphones before finding these at a very reasonable price and posted free.
Mr. Andrew Davies
Mr. Andrew Davies Reply to on 5 February 2018
Bought a set but we’re to small now I have bought the correct size so they now fit the headphones,for the price they are a good buy they are made out of sponge so you have to be carefull when fitting on to headphones beside that there fine would I recomend for the price yes
AllieT_UK Reply to on 8 June 2016
These fit perfectly over some Sony over-the-ear headphones I use when I work out or run. I don't like earbuds and couldn't find a comparable replacement so I looked to replace the foam. Easy. Cheap. And since there are 4 pairs, I can keep using the headphones until they die! They arrive quickly in a small plastic resealable bag which is perfect for storing the other pairs and insuring they stay clean. Very pleased with them.
Eric Lafif
Eric Lafif Reply to on 8 June 2014
I ordered the replacement earpad covers but did not receive them in time. I had to contact the seller who then dispatched the order by mail. When it failed to arrive, the seller did the same thing but took more pains to ensure that it would arrive at my place. I am pleased with the seller's ability to address my complaint and take action.

As for the product, it was just what I needed. No problems with it thus far. It fits just right over the earpads and the sound is just as clear as before.
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