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3M PP-01-002 Classic Ear Plugs:Animalnews

3M Published in October 20, 2018, 1:09 pm
 3M PP-01-002 Classic Ear Plugs:Animalnews

3M PP-01-002 Classic Ear Plugs:Animalnews

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping

Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey Reply to on 17 April 2017
Being a light sleeper and living on a busy road, getting a good night's rest has always been a bit of a struggle for me. When I'm asleep, or just as I'm about to nod off, some noisy car or lorry zooms or rubbles past the window and jolts me back awake. Again. And again. And again.

I am so pleased (and relieved) when I got these. I have found these little plugs do the job for me, much better than I could have hoped for. They come in individually packaged little boxes as sets of two. They are about 19 mm long and 13 mm across (see photo - pair in the middle) and are made from a sort of soft memory foam, which adapts to the contours of your ear canal when inserted.

You need to make sure they are properly fitted (you don't just stuff them in, as I did the first time I used them without looking at the box!). You roll them up between your thumb and fingers until they are thin and then gently insert into your open open ear. They then expand in you ear cavity to block out sound). There are even videos on YouTube showing you how to do it. I found it took a bit of trial and error to fit them perfectly (A slight roll between the fingers as I gently inserted them tended to do the trick for me).

They didn't block out sound completely (I didn't really expect them to, to be honest), but definitely reduced it significantly and also "dulled" the higher pitched noises too. I found it much easier to get to sleep and stay asleep, once there.
I also found an unexpected advantage of using these was, because I knew they worked, I was less anxious about getting to sleep (I wasn't lying there just waiting for the next loud noise to disturb me) so I found I was much more relaxed to begin with when going to bed and so got to sleep even easier!

A couple of points. Even though they are very comfortable, even when lying on them, I found it took about a week to get completely used to wearing the something in my ear. If you have the same problem, I'd recommend sticking with them, you will quickly get used to them and the reward of a good night's sleep is definitely worth the effort.

I one pair lasts about 3 nights, or so, of reuse before they stop springing back to their original cylinder shape after being used (although I found you can just turn them around and use the other ends, so that extends their usefulness).

Wished I tried these years ago.

I have also tried two other kinds of foam ear plugs;

Firstly; 3M 1100 Earplugs B018RIA3L2 (the left hand pair in the picture). These are made from a slightly smoother feeling "foamy" material than the "1100" type. The have the same diameter as the "classic", but are slightly longer and have a tapered end. I found these just about as effective as keeping the noise out. (5 stars)

Secondly; Laser Lite Ear Plugs by Honeywell SNR 35dB Earplugs (B018RIA3L2) (the right hand pair in the picture). I found these okay. While they are made from the softest foam of the three, I found them the least comfortable to wear, for some reason and I didn't think they kept the sound out quite as well for me as the other two types, so 3 stars, for me personally.

One final point. Because everyone is different, one of these styles of plug may not work for you, however, I would recommend trying out others until you find the right one for you. I know what it's like to be kept awake. It wears you down. Please keep looking. Don't give up. There are so many different types on the market and the right for you will be out there.
Hais Reply to on 29 August 2014
Great product, very competitively priced and super fast delivery. Have used this product for well over 30 yrs, firstly to shut out noisy flat mates, to shut out loud traffic noise at night, screaming foxes at night, ensuring a good nights rest when I travel on business ....and latterly to get some sleep by the side of my lovely, but snoring, husband ! They are also so useful if you attend any loud event like F1, Goodwood, concerts etc. (we use them at concerts as they do not stop the music at all - as the sound is usually pretty loud - and it does mean at the end of the concert we do not have ringing ears). Also very handy on holiday when the whole family use them if we find we have accommodation with loud noise at night; these will deaden all noise and aid a good nights sleep. My family are not used to wearing ear plugs at night and all comment on the fact that you can hear other sounds (like your own heart beat) which they say is really odd at first, but quickly ignored. You can buy these in single packets from shops to try out first and see if you like them, it'll be costly, but at least you can see if you like them - be mindful that you purchase E-A-R ones though, over the decades I have tried others and believe me when I say nothing compares to these. Oh, and you can wash them too, but I find one wash is best, after a second wash they change texture somehow and are less good at deadening noise.
Martin Reply to on 13 June 2018
These are fantastic. I have tried many different makes and models, and these offer the best sound isolation for me.

These are reusable, in the sense that they can be removed from the ear, and put back in, but at 10p a pair they can be replaced daily. As with all ear plugs, there is a hygiene issue, so it is not worth trying to use them for weeks on end. Washing them might be an option, but I prefer a new clean pair, that will isolate sound. A box of 250 pairs will last me a year at work.

When removed, e.g. at meetings or work breaks, they can be stored in the little box and kept in a pocket.

These work best when inserted properly, i.e. rolled thin, pushed right into the ear, with the earlobe pulled back, and held in place for 10-20s. They take up to a minute or two to expand properly, fill the ear canal, especially in the cold. The heat from the ear helps them expand.

My only complaint is that they are symmetrical, so when I pull them out of my ears, and want to reinsert them, I want the same end back in the ear. There should be a marker, but this is not work losing one star.
West London Shopper
West London Shopper Reply to on 2 July 2015
The box arrived opened at the bottom, I contacted the reseller who was very courteous, they ensured the issue is dealt with so it does not happen again from the delivery origin, they posted to me more ear plugs to replace the ones that fell off the box; I did not want to post the whole box back and forth.
They kept me informed at all times. This is the second time I buy this product, I like it very much and it has served my ears very well.
I have never had any ear irritation due to using this product. all in all I am a happy customer.
Thank you for reading
Matthew Shepherd
Matthew Shepherd Reply to on 27 July 2015
My gym has the music on so loud, and there's constant adverts to buy lucozade too. Also every moron in there just loves dropping heavy weights on the floor. And the grunting. Omg it's too much. These earplugs make it bearable. You can still talk but you're not deafened by idiots trying to show off how much weight they were lifting.
Also my landlady's cats are forever scratching and meowing outside my door. 4am the other day! In go the earplugs. Bliss.
10p a pop. Can't go wrong.
D. H. Caine
D. H. Caine Reply to on 28 January 2013
i chose these plugs as they are washable and ive been very happy with this same product in the past.i was slightly dissapionted with this company as the original box they sent the items in was squashed--and the issue is here that the ear plugs are kept in the original box for about nine months or until they have been used up --and the reply i got from the company was it would not happen again.i would recomend these ear plugs to most people but not nessecerily the company unless they have a better way of transp[orting these items.
MrsBuysTooMuch Reply to on 27 September 2014
These are the best ear plugs for me. I use them to sleep in as I'm an insomniac / light sleeper. They block out noise enough that nothing wakes me, but if there was an emergency and someone shouted loudly at me while awake I would be able to hear them.
They are easy to insert, and comfortable to wear. I push them right in and use tweezers to pluck them out in the morning, but they work pretty well if just wedged in with the end hanging out.
Dr. P. M. Wilson
Dr. P. M. Wilson Reply to on 26 June 2013
I give these 3M ear plugs five stars because they are the ones which really suit me. I know others prefer a rather different shape. A previous order put the ear plugs unwrapped into a plastic bag - fine but these are better if you want to take some with you when travelling.

The real benefit here is the very large number of ear plugs for the price. Far better than buying them in small packs at the chemist. These ear plugs are comfortable in use and very effective. Delivered promptly and well packed.

No complaints at all!
Marty7787 Reply to on 22 April 2014
I work in a factory that is just within the safe standards for noise levels, It is recommended but not required we use ear plugs. Many have decided they don't need to use them, but I'm not willing to take the risk.

These ear plugs are excellent, very comfortable and last me 3 days before needing to be replaced. I take mine out 4 times a day so by the 3rd day, they lose a little bit of their sponginess and leak in small amounts of sound. With these being so cheap, I'll just chuck them away and open another pack. The comfort of these are second to none, I've tried a few different brands but none come close, I often forget I'm wearing them,

I can't hear normal talking at about 5 feet away, they offer great protection to my hearing.

Little tip:- When pulling these out, I have irritated the inside of my ear just through friction. If you give them a little wobble up and down a few times before pulling them out then it eliminates this problem.
Andy Reply to on 17 November 2015
What was that you were saying - I cannot hear you !!

Perfect for a good nights sleep - they block out snoring in the bedroom and irritating noises outside. Also got to protect your hearing during nosy DIY or gardening jobs. Very comfortable to wear and can be used many times before they stop expanding to fill the ear canal properly.
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